Superyacht Crew Guide helping to get you a Superyacht Job

A Guide for Superyacht Crew & getting a Superyacht Job!

How to get a Superyacht Job

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Coming from Cruiseships?

Do you have a Cruiseship job? Do you want a Superyacht Job? Superyacht Crew Guide can help you out. We have plenty of
information for Cruiseship crew to move onto their first Superyacht.

Superyacht Courses Interior

Superyacht Interior

Do you work in hotels? Or are you a flight stewardess, thinking of making the switch to that perfect dream Superyacht Job? We have all the information and course information that you need to get started and get onboard your first Superyacht as Crew!


Superyacht Courses

So you know you want to get a Superyacht Job, the next step is to do Superyacht Courses, Which Courses do you take? Superyacht Crew Guide has the information you need to plan out the superyacht courses that you really need and those that you do not need.


Get your first Superyacht Job

Superyacht Jobs and becoming Superyacht Crew is not easy, but with Superyacht Crew Guide we strive to help you out in making it easy to step right onboard to get that first Superyacht Job.
Whether you want a job as Deckhand, Stewardess, Bosun, Chef, Officer, Engineer or Captain we have everything you need to get where you want.

Latest Superyacht Jobs


Have you seen the TV series ‘Below Deck’ on Bravo TV? Now you want to get a Megayacht job / Superyacht Job? Check out our Below Deck page. Megayacht Job like ‘Below Deck’ on Bravo TV